Thursday, December 09, 2010

How to get E-Mails delivered to your Mobile as text message/SMS ?

SMS has always been my fav concept.
I love to get the latest happening say news/weather/technology updates/ friends status updates in my mobile phone.So when i came to know about this Google SMS channel, i said Wow at Google one more time & I loved it.

Some time back I was just in need of service from Yahoo mail/GMail which could send me my mails, at least basic details of my mail like from who and what is the subject of my new mail to my mobile as SMS. I hoped they would be having one, But pity me after some serious Goggling all i found is just few other mortals wishing like me in vain. So If you are one, read further I got a solution.

Here is my approach,
  1. Get your mails converted into RSS feeds, There are few apps out there.My fav one for this is Feed flip (because this is secure and very easy configuration & also as it runs on Google appspot more reliable).All you need to do is login to your mailbox and follow the angels :P
  2. Get yourself registered in the Google SMS channel using your mobile number & Create an Invite only SMS Channel in Google SMS channel
  3. Make the source to this SMS channel as the feed from Feed flip.
  4. Read your mails as SMS in your mobile.

Should you receive mail as SMS from more than one Mailbox ?? you don't have to create SMS channels for each Mailbox. you can club them(RSS feeds) into one using any feed aggregation tool (my choice is Yahoo pipes )

You like this ?? Trick is not working ?? Got an Idea to do more ?? Do drop me a note.

I am not affiliated with yahoo/Google/ Feed flip. This is just a hack, by trying this you are agreeing to use it at your own risk.