Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Wake up Early ?

Waking up early is one of a thing at which I have failed at many occurences. 

So, I got online Googled, binged spent time reading about it, researching it, devising strategies, experimenting it..alas equally spent time failing at it again too..

Intresting Things I have tried - the things which they claim as tricks and never worked are 

  1. Use multiple alarms - Definetly doesnt work. sometimes none of it ring.. Sad thing is who could you blame for it, If you didnt hear them ringing? I tried the max of 7 alarms.It Just doesnt work.
  2. Drink a tank - You wouldnt even sleep before before you are back in square one.
  3. Make the sleep comfortable - Like it wasnt and I am tying hard for it :P.Once Followed this and made the Room more airy like they said by opening up all windows for more fresh oxygen and next day I woke up full of cold and fever. 
  4. Sleep early - Bwhaha, This just gives you more personal time with your device or network like laptop/mobile phone/twitter/Facebook/Reader
  5. Get a pet ? - Seriously? Not a wise move IMHO. 
  6. Do not go to bed if you arent sleepy - and it becomes morning and sun pops up and smiles. 
  7. Advertise you are going to wake up early - People laugh and after little more occurences they just ignore.BTW am even feeling foolish to have tried this. 
  8. Use wake up call service - I want to wake up early, not to be woken up early by a third party. 
  9. Avoid Caffenie - Just not works.The point is with loads of Caffeine I was able to wake up at times with *spoiler alert*
  10. Use a Random alarm tone - you think it is some one else's alarm. you are just wise to derive reasons. 
  11. Use your favourite music as alarm tone - another funny trick. Wakes you up. you dont hit snooze and it times out. you wake up after some very long time and smile :)
  12. Hide your alarm clock - So that you would search for it, like hitting the snooze or dismiss the alarm is the first thing I need, there are times I had it close to my head and didnt even hear it ringing. I didnt even try this and it is just not my cup of idea. 
  13. Gradually sleep early and you will wake up early - Gradually ? Let me not waste time explainig why it doesnt work. Just know it doesnt work either. 
  14. Get someone wake you up - Again, defeats the purpose.I - I repeat _I_ want to wake up early and not to be woken up. But you know what ? This works and Moms are good at this.

Failing all these tricks doesnt mean I have never woke up early, I just couldnt wake up for the sake of waking up. and touch wood - I havent missed anything so important sleeping over it. 

Trying all this, There are some things which I find working 

  1. Do not sleep. awesomely perfect and simple. Just makes you lil tierd the next day. But it will be all ok. 
  2. Just do not rely on any method/trick/device/people, Belive - If you want to wake up you will wake up. Philosphical but truth. 
  3. Smell of breakfast - It just works :)

Though I feel exhausted of attempts, I would try if there is any intresting strategy which works or atleast would like to know if any tricks works for you.. Let me know.Drop a note. 

and Stay good.Sleep good. 

</rant off>