Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Renew your Employment card(Tamilnadu Governments) online

Yes, Many of us have registered at employment offices.Few because of that bleak hope and didn't just want to take a chance and miss out the big opportunity just because you missed to register and others due to the enforcement from wise and few others due to the demand of well wishers.

Ok, To get to the point quick. I was registered and have the employment card too, and I wanted to renew it but couldnt because I was missing an information and I figured it luckily and the purpose of this post is to make it clear so that it could probably help.

Good news is - employment card can be renewed online.To renew it online you just got to go to and login and follow the angels and click renew and you are done.

The interesting part is you do not have the login details and the log in instructions at the portal are not very clear like they always were. Foolish me spent some worthy time hit at his place.

Login ID to this portal as mentioned - is exchange code suffixed with the registration number.Easy part is you have the exchange code from here
so lets say your exchange code is CHP and the registration ID as printed in your employement slip/card is 2009M13322 your user ID is not CHP2009M13322 as I thought and wasted my time but CHP2009M00013322. Just make sure you add up zeroes after M or F in your registration number so that the string length of the userid you cook up is 17  and the login the password is clearly DOB like DD/MM/YYY, sadly no easter eggs for password.

I think I can bet that I know how to write a bad post.and yeah, bye and have a good day!