Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Why Weekdays are named so ?

I kind of instructed myself not to write something online which wouldn't be useful to read for someone else, To satisfy that - I made it a point that I should write only the solutions to interesting problems. 

But I am choosing to bend the rule which I set to myself, which is just sticking to interesting and so a post need not be necessarily a solution to a problem but an identification or a collection or perspectives or their combinations at times - should be fine too. This is primarily because I probably not finding enough or searching enough interesting problems, and urge to say something I see interesting to other is very tempting. 

This is one such, definitely not useful,definitely not a solution but because I thought - hey this is interesting I should probably tell it to others.

Getting to the point at last - whats behind the names of weekdays ? In other words Etymology of weekdays 
Sunday - Pretty easy it is suns day. an awesome day definitely.What it reminds is church and holiness
Monday - Moon's day - Interesting. Probably those days every one liked what they did on monday unlike the current scenario - so they appear to have the day named after something cool like moon. 
Tuesday - Pro- Germanic god - Tîwaz who Considered to be god of war , law, Justice or in many other languages - Mars the god of war.Ares is another name. The man day. 
 Wednesday - Basically named after planet, Mercury - Ask me what is the relation here ? Woden or Odin is none but a gods name who is represented as Mercury.
Thursday - Purely Thor's day. That god with the hammer, Its after him. Where is the planet you ask - Am not very sure - some say he is the owner or resident or both of Jupiter
Friday - very aptly named day - the meaning is intact and is very visible - The awesome day - The frigg - the Venus - The goddess of love & beauty- She they say spins cloud. The Girl day.
Saturday - The Saturn's day, the planet with the ring. Saturn is considered to be god for agriculture, wealth and liberation. 
This kind of convention or pattern of naming days after a god who is represented as a planet seems to be in practice very wide i.e - Almost in every language.So if you kind of know all the famous planets name in a language - you have a better chance of deriving weekdays in that same language or intrestingly vice versa.

Interesting you say ? I say - I know I know 

Hmm, Boring you say? I wasted your time ? Sorry not intended! 

See you or myself or both in the next post. ;-)

Update 12/11:
Tangentially to this line of thought - weekdays have not always been 7 days long, and I read something very interesting on Quora about calendars - would like to link to it for further reading Click here